Why Do Shiba Inus Howl? Clue: Wolves are their Ancestors

You probably have seen the viral video of the Shiba Inu named Doge screaming on the internet. It caught so many hearts of people.  Yes, you heard it right, Shiba Inus do scream. Their way of howling is known as Shiba Inu scream. These dog breeds are known for their vocal gifts. Since Taki, my adorable Shiba Inu fur baby was still a puppy; she does yodels a lot. And I imagine this is their way of barking. Some canines of these breeds even moan, gurgle-really, yodel- okay, shriek-omg, and loudly yawn- every time!

Based on my observations on my fur baby and data from the experts, I listed below the reasons they perform the Shiba Inu scream.

They are More Inclined to Howl than Bark

Shiba Inus’ ancestors are wolves. No wonder Taki has a resemblance to a wolf. They don’t just howl because they are bored, but they are atavistic. It means that according to their ancient practice, howling is their way of signaling the pack that it’s time to get back together. Maybe one of their family members needs protection or just a family bonding. Especially when they are away with each other for quite a long time, their pack mostly consists of their family.

Their Way of Calming Themselves from the Anxiety of Loud Noises

I usually hear my Taki do the Shiba Inu scream when an ambulance or siren passes the house, even when I play loud music or sing. According to veterinarians, it is their way of easing their discomfort for loud noises.

Your Shiba Inu Misses You

I usually take my buddy for a morning jog with me or play with her when I have a plan of going out the whole day. Doing so reduces their separation anxiety, which makes them scream a lot. Veterinary doctors claimed that their vocal performance releases the energy being stored up. You may also play your dog after a long day of tiring work, and I say it is an effective stress reliever for Shiba Inu.

Their Howling Trick Works

Adorable and tempting as it seems, I don’t pay attention to Taki when I know she howls for a dog treat or playtime. Favoring these types of behaviors will only be developed as a habit. Healthy fur parenting means not getting them spoiled, am I right? When confident that your pup is uncomfortable or in discomfort, contact or take him immediately to the vet.

To Alert You

Shiba Inus are naturally protective of their loved ones. And their way of alerting their owner is by howling when they notice something suspicious.

Why Do Shiba Inus Howl 2

They Feel Alone

Just what their ancestors do, Shiba Inus howl when separated to pack. It’s their way of saying they want a companion. And it’s their kind of signal in making their company get back to them when separated or lost in the forest. As to their beliefs, your Shiba Inu howls, believing they could get you back home.  

They Don’t Feel Well

Discomfort or pain makes fur babies howl. We also cry when hurt. It’s how they express them or let out their emotions as well as ease their physical pain.

They are Scared or Bored

Taki is not fond of being petted or touched by strangers. Unlike other dogs, Shiba Inus have this royal personality that makes them less clingy. Taki expresses her affection by being extremely excited when I just came home and did her own thing once she had enough. The most adorable thing to Taki and other Shiba Inus are that they are ready to protect their owners.

How Do We Make Them Howl Less?

  • Give Them Proper Training
    However, I have been training Taki for quite some time. I see a slight improvement, but I believe I need to be persistent. I am emphasizing the notion that I am the leader, and she should learn to obey.

    Dog trainers claimed that they respond more to the positive type of training, instead of giving them punishments or staying aggressive. Once Taki started to howl, I never give her attention. Or even look at her. And when I noticed here keeping quite instantly, I give her a treat.
  • Exercise
    I always give my dog an exercise or playtime to make her release her stored energy. A dog owner once said, “A tired Shiba Inu is a quiet Shiba Inu.”


Shiba Inus naturally have the personality and temperament, which makes them aloof but energetic. They are also known to be aggressive and possessive of their belongings. They tend to do whatever it takes to keep their food and territory too. That’s why I usually try to understand Taki and be as persistent as I can in the training I started.  I make sure she socializes with other people and to other pups as well.

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.