Why are Shiba Inus So Expensive? The Real Cost of Owning a Shiba Inu

It was in May last year when I received one of the most precious gifts ever – Taki. My loyal Shiba Inu pup, together with Akita, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kai, and Kishu, is one of Japan’s native breeds.

As you may know, Shiba Inus were used to be raised as hunting dogs, but nowadays, Shiba Inu pups are primarily serving as companion dogs.

So, if you want to own a Shiba Inu, let me share some things for you to know first, especially about why they can be costly.

Shiba Inu’s Price

Generally, Shiba Inus’ prices vary from $1,000 to $3,000. This is mainly due to the breed’s increasing popularity nowadays. Countless videos of Shiba Inus are now invading people’s social media platforms and attracting thousands of viewers, which makes people desire to have this kind of dog breed.

I can’t blame them, though. I’m just lucky to have my Taki for free. Thanks to my father! Anyway, you can always choose to adopt one instead of buying. This costs way cheaper than directly purchasing a Shiba Inu pup.

However, my dad bought my pup from a reputable Shiba Inu breeder. I think this is an essential thing to consider, too. I would also want to purchase a pet from a trusted organization or breeder.

Buying a Shiba Inu from random online stores or puppy mills doesn’t sound right to me. Puppies from these stores are unfortunately not well taken care of. They are just basically raised for commercial purposes only.

Therefore, buyers can’t always expect to get healthy, kicking pups. Of course, it is quite tempting to buy cheaper Shiba Inu, but nobody wants to deal with a lot of future problems related to these beloved dogs.

Shiba Inu’s Cost of Feeding

My two-year-old Taki is 18 pounds. I usually prepare ⅓ cups of dog food, which costs around $40 for a 24-pound bag. This is already good for three months for my pup to consume.

Fortunately, there is a lot of reasonable and high-quality dog food available out there to suit your pup’s taste.

Generally, Shiba Inus are known to be very bouncy and active. So, the more a Shiba Inu dog is aggressive, the more calories it needs. And that may require you to prepare at least 2 cups of dog food serving per day.

Why are Shiba Inus So Expensive 2

Shiba Inu’s Vet Expenses

So, I’ve already mentioned to you the importance of buying a Shiba Inu from a trusted breeder. Any trusted breeder always makes sure to grow Shiba Inu with a health condition and environment.

You can trust your pup’s health condition somehow. But if you wish to have your Shiba Inu undergo neutering or spaying, then you need to prepare around $200-$500 for this.

Most dogs need to have a regular check-up to maintain your Shiba Inu’s health. These dogs can live up to 15 years, which means that you need to expect to have vet visits for more than 15 years, too.

Notably, young Shiba Inus may require a lot of these visits as they need more vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and wellness.

Unavoidably though, this breed of pups may experience having allergies or eye issues such as cataracts and glaucoma along the way. These are just some of the conditions that you need to prepare yourself with aside from having unexpected injuries or accidents. 

Other Expenses

Let us not forget our dog’s grooming. Shiba Inus are generally heavy-coated, and we don’t want to see our dogs shedding as much as possible to avoid having our pup’s undercoat flying all over our place.

To make it more manageable, spending $20 for our dog’s grooming is a must. Good thing if you know how to do it yourself, though. You just need to have the right home grooming tools to do it.

Aside from making our Shiba Inu pups look more adorable and presentable, we may also want to have them undergo training. It is more than necessary to train our Shiba Inu pups if we’re going to live harmoniously with them at our places.

Taki, just like any other Shiba Inu pups, was very stubborn when he was younger than he is now. The good thing is that my family is very patient enough to help me train my dog as well. Otherwise, an intervention from a professional trainer must be needed.

As for me, I spend most of my money on my pet’s dresses, toys, and beddings. Of course, it depends on the adopter or owner, but it is my great happiness to buy things for my pup.


Well, generally speaking, dogs are like humans. Their wellness may cost a lot, too. But so far, I can say I’m delighted with my Shiba Inu. The money I’ve spent on her is equal to the happiness he has showered us. My Shiba Inu pup is definitely worth everything!

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.