When Do Shiba Inus Stop Growing? Discover Now

I’m telling you, it’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime. Shiba Inus are known for their agility, energy, and intelligence. Most importantly, they have devoted companion dogs who genuinely care for their family and friends.

Being on the smallish side, Shiba Inus can grow up to 14 to 17 inches for the males and 13 to 16 inches for the females. Meanwhile, the average weight for males is 10.5 kilos, and for females, it is 8 kilos. Technically, they are categorized under the small to medium-sized dog breeds that are simply perfect and manageable, even for small properties or for lone owners.

My male cream Shiba Inu named Hara is now five years old, and he has been living with us ever since I decided to adopt him. He’s now standing at 16.5 inches tall and weighs around 10 kilos.

So, You’re Planning To Adopt A Shiba Inu…

In my experience, Hara began growing in size in as early as two months. At three months, I recorded his weight at 4.5 kilos. At six months, he already weighed 7 kilos.

He reached his maximum growth weight of 10 kilos in his 14th month, and this one has been consistent for five years now. These vital statistics are healthy and within the regular and average numbers, but you should know that the weight, height, and length of growth until maturity could vary among different Shiba Inu dogs.

How The Japanese Describe Shiba Inus

Did you know that the Shiba Inu is one of the beautiful original Japanese spitz breeds?

Originating from Japan, the Shiba Inu is one of the six authentic Japanese spitz breeds that include the Akita Inu, Kishu Ken, Kai Ken, Shikoku Ken, and Hokkaido Ken. Although they look somewhat similar, these breeds differ in size, shape, and physical features.

The Shiba Inu is the smallest of these six spitz breeds, yet this dog possesses the kind of confidence and boldness like no other. Though small, he has a larger than life personality.

The Japanese have three colorful words to describe how the Shiba Inu thinks and acts.

First, they describe Shiba Inus with the word “ryosei,” which means good nature. These dogs generally have pure intentions, and sometimes they can be gentle, too. Hara, my healthy Shiba Inu, is not the type of dog who likes to bite, destroy, or quarrel with others. He would instead be left alone than be in trouble.

Second, there is the word “kaani-i,” which means boldness and bravery with mental strength and composure. My dog Hara is straight-up brave and fearless. He’s like a superhero when he runs or plays with other animals. Moreover, he’s so smart and carries himself like an exceptional dog like no other.

Lastly, the Japanese describe them using the word “soboku,” which means alertness with an open and refined spirit. Hara is very active and can sometimes be aggressive. He acts on his instincts and follows his curiosity. He’s got this never back down sense. That is something that I’m very proud of.

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Some Distinct Qualities Of Shiba Inus

What are the things that set Shiba Inus apart from other dog breeds?

  • They somewhat look like a small fox. Their face, ears, and legs are all quite similar to that of a fox. Shiba Inus have six fur coat colors including black sesame, black and tan, cream, red, red sesame, and sesame.
  • They have a distinct tail. Their tails have longer hairs than their entire body. Moreover, what’s unique about them is that their tails are curled up over their lower back, forming an adorable curl or ring.
  • They are very clean. Just like cats! They clean and tend to themselves, and they only eat fresh food and drink pure water. They don’t like mud or puddles, and they walk around these messes upon encounter. Moreover, they keep their living and sleeping spaces clean as well.
  • They are “small but terrible.” Not precisely the lousy kind of terrible. They are more of a bold and brave type of awful. Even if they are small to medium-sized, their personality is ten times more than their body frame. Hara is just like this because whenever he plays with other animals, he acts as if he is always the one in charge.

When Can You Expect Shiba Inus To Stop Growing?

The first year of Shiba Inus will be the busiest year of their growth. Some may continue to grow after the 12th month, but most Shiba Inus will complete their physical growth within their first 12 months.

Their bodies are proportionate, and this generally means that males are heavier and more significant than females.

Here are three factors which can affect the growth of your Shiba Inu:

  • Diet and nutrition. If your dog does not get the minimum needed food, then he/she will grow weakly and develop slowly. However, if you give your dog the right food, then he/she will grow up healthy and strong.
  • Worm infection and other ailments. If your dog has worms, then he/she will not be able to absorb the right nutrition to make him grow healthy. Make sure to have your dog checked by a vet if you see signs and symptoms of any infection.
  • Genetics. If the parents of your Shiba Inu are smaller than usual, then he/she will probably inherit their size as well. If not, then expect them to grow up to their typical height.

Simply A Great Companion

Shiba Inus are great companion dogs that have the perfect medium size that is very easy to manage. You can expect that during its first year, your Shiba Inu will grow consistently with proper health and nutrition. Most Shiba Inus will stop growing in the 12th month, but some could grow up until their 16th month.

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.