When Do Shiba Inus Go Into Heat? The Signs and Science Behind The Heat Cycles

Shiba Inus are small-sized Japanese dogs that have a fox-like appearance. Just like any other dog, the females go into heat when they want to mate with the males. However, as a Shiba Inu owner, I have noticed some unique characteristics of this breed’s heat cycle.

I get to know that the female Shiba Inus are on heat through their physical and emotional indicators. It is at this period that I make arrangements to have them bred. In this article, I have described all the information regarding the Shiba Inus heat cycle and the choice between breeding and spaying.

Signs that Shiba Inus are on Heat

Shiba Inus go into heat at 5 or 6 months of age. In some rare cases, it can go up to the seventh month. Therefore, I always check on any visible signs anytime after the fifth month. I usually notice a discharge from my Shiba Inus during this time.

The dog’s temperament changes, and sometimes they become aggressive. Sometimes I find them depressed and in low moods. However, this usually lasts for about five days, when they are more affected by the hormones.

Sometimes, her vulva will appear swollen, and she becomes nervous. I have also noted that Shiba Inus urinate more frequently when they are on heat.

The Science Behind Getting into Heat

Shiba Inus and any other female dog breed get into heat after every six months in their lifetime. This is a biological process that happens when the female dog is receptive to mating.

There are natural hormonal changes in their bodies that causes pronounced differences to indicate that she is on heat.

The estrus process is induced by the reproductive hormones and ends when the dog becomes pregnant. Unlike humans, the process will re-occur every six months throughout the life of the dog, except when pregnant. It is a natural process that occurs in all mammals that give birth.

The Heat Cycles

Shiba Inu’s heat cycles last for about three weeks. Therefore, they can have a heat cycle every week, which culminates in some discharge or blood at the end of each period. I recommend keeping her away from the males before her first heat cycle.

In the first season, it may not bleed much. The first week is more like discharge, but there is more blood in the second week. During her first cycle, she raises her rump and holds her tail off to one side. This is a way of presenting herself to the males.

I do not breed her if it is her first cycle. Instead, I wait until her second or third cycle in the second or third week. The reason I do this is to allow her to adapt to the hormonal change in her body.

When the heat cycles end, the vulva gets back to its standard size. Additionally, there is no more discharge or bleeding. The dog is most fertile from the tenth to the fifteenth day of the heat cycle. However, the dog can still become pregnant if bred at any time during the period.

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Caring for Shiba Inus When on Heat

Shiba Inus need good care every day because they require much socialization. However, when they get into heat, they need even more care and attention from the owner. As the owner, I monitor the Shiba Inus whenever they are on heat.

First, I mop the discharge and blood released during this period. Additionally, I dedicate my time and energy to keep them company during this period to prevent them from getting depressed.

I take my Shiba Inus to a vet to have them checked up. If there is any required vaccination, it should be done at this stage before they are bred because some injections can harm the unborn puppies.

Breed or Spay?

For some people, having Shiba Inus on heat is stressful and annoying. Therefore, they decide to spay her before her first heat cycle. Those who spay believe that it reduces the risk of getting mammary cancer and other health conditions. Spaying also eliminates the possibility of giving birth to many unwanted litters.

In my case, I always breed my Shiba Inus because I have a passion for dogs. I raise the puppies and sell them. However, I can spay them when necessary, but I always consult a vet before spaying them.


Shiba Inus are Japanese dogs that are known to be social, and thus make an excellent companion pet for Japanese and Americans. As a Shiba Inu owner, I have studied most of their behaviors and physical and emotional changes when they get into heat. The breed portrays some unique practices, and it becomes receptive to males when on heat. I have provided all the necessary information about Shiba Inus when they get into heat in this article.

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