What to Know About Shiba Inus: Shiba Inu Owners Should Know This

Shiba Inus are cute and fuzzy. For me, they look like wolves, coyotes, dingoes, and foxes. Nevertheless, I must say that they are more than your average dog.

On the day I got my first Shiba Inu, I had extreme reactions. I was confused and utterly ecstatic. Therefore, I wanted to share what I have discovered about this beautiful dog breed. These are the things you ought to know before finally deciding to own one probably.

Please keep in mind that every Shiba Inu has a different character so that the approach may differ from one Shiba Inu to another. All the things I’m going to share are based on my personal experience taking care of Shiba Inus.


Shiba Inus are brilliant. However, when they are asked to do a common thing without any treats, that is quite far from possible. They utilize their smartness to understand when doing a command is indeed worth it. Because of this, I never let my Shiba Inus off the leash outdoors. Although they underwent professional training, they could get distracted easily when they see something interesting. As a result, they would likely not listen.


In general, not all Shiba Inus can be characterized as aggressive. I would say they are cynical and want to have their own space. I also noticed that my Shiba Inus are intolerant. It is rare to see our Shiba Inus enjoy the presence of other dogs. Therefore, we are always careful when they are around other dogs.

Our adult Shiba Inu prefers our company and does not want to interact much with our other dogs. It could cause a problem if we force it to socialize.


Shiba Inu puppies are indeed the cutest. Nevertheless, they bite a lot. I do not suggest having a Shiba Inu puppy if there are very young children in your home. They could scare or, worse, hurt a child.

When one of my Shiba Inus were puppies, there was a time it would not let go of my arm while playing. As a result, I got a big bruise because of its small puppy teeth. This is not a sign of aggression, though. Since it was just a puppy, it was teething and at an exploration age.


Similar to aggression, the difficulty in handling Shiba Inus are not to be generalized. When I got my Shiba Inu, it was challenging. For instance, when I tried to cut its nails, it screamed and cried hysterically. It also started to shake and pant slowly. It also attempted to bite me.

You might be wondering about grooming. It was equally challenging to brush, especially during its coat blow.

What to Know About Shiba Inus 2


Having a black carpet and mostly dark-colored clothing, shedding became a problem for us. All year-round, we can see a fluff of light-colored fur on dark surfaces. There is also a time when they have coat blows on top of normal shedding. I think the reason behind this is the weather.


Like humans, dogs have anxiety issues, too. This is not a characteristic of a particular breed. However, for Shiba Inus, I found out from talking to other Shiba Inu owners that they tend to become more sensitive when the weather changes.

Also, they tend to react more incredibly compared to other dogs. My Shiba Inu is overly anxious whenever we visit the vet. Therefore, we have to give it anti-anxiety medicine to calm it down. The medication prevents it from shaking and panting vigorously.


This is another common trait dogs, even in other breeds have. Shiba Inus do not like it when other dogs go near their toy or food. For our Shiba Inus, they give much importance to their possessions. When our Shiba Inu was overly guarding its food bowl as a puppy, we were able to identify and resolve this behavior. This behavior is not unusual, but if you have a Shiba Inu puppy, be wary of the signs and deal with them right away.

Get as Much Help as Possible

I got a lot of help from various resources online such as Facebook groups exclusively for Shiba Inu owners, forums, and dog-related websites. When I read comments, advice, and posts from other owners, they were helpful and comforting. I learned that my dogs were not the only ones having these issues. Also, I realized that there are solutions for different Shiba Inu issues.


Finally, I hope that the things I shared with you about Shiba Inus can help you decide if this is the dog for you. These are the reasons why I got Shiba Inus myself. Although there may be difficulties dealing with them then, these do not compare to the happiness my Shiba Inus bring to our family.

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.