Shiba Inu Happiness: 11 Ways to Make Your Shiba Inu Happy

The Shiba Inu is a dog that has been bred for centuries to be an agile hunting companion. This breed of dog typically has thick, double-coated fur and comes in four colors: red, black and tan, sesame (a mix of red and black), or pure white. The Shiba Inu is also one of the few breeds with a naturally curled tail!

If you are considering bringing home this delightful pup but want to know more about how to make them happy, we have 11 ways for you below!

Give them a lot of love and attention

Shiba Inus are an affectionate breed, and they need plenty of contact from their humans to thrive.

They want a lot of attention, so try not to ignore them for long periods!

Play with them every day

Shiba Inus are a very playful breed, so it’s important to give them plenty of time for play.

You can bring your Shiba Inu for walks and let him run around in the backyard, go on hikes with him – anything that will tire out this energetic dog!

Brush their teeth daily

Shiba Inus have very sensitive teeth and gums, so it’s important to brush their teeth daily. You can use toothpaste made for dogs, or you can purchase specially-made dog toothbrushes that will get the job done fast!

Brushing your Shiba Inu’s teeth regularly with toothpaste for dogs can help to remove plaque buildup that could lead to gum disease.

When brushing their teeth, use circular motions on both sides of each tooth before using a “sawing” motion between each side of each row until all four rows have been completed (most dentists recommend brushing for two minutes).

Take them on walks or runs outside as often as you can 

Shiba Inus are very active dogs, and they need to be taken on walks or runs outside as often as possible. You must keep them from getting bored, so make sure you take them out for a walk every day!

This will help your Shiba Inu stay happy and healthy – not just physically but also mentally! A tired dog is usually a good one (unless he has separation anxiety), so by taking him for regular walks, you can make his life more enjoyable in the long run. Plus, it’s a great exercise for both of you at once!

Spend time with your Shiba Inu, even if it’s just watching TV together 

Shiba Inus are often called companion dogs because they need to spend time with their owners!

Even if you’re hanging out in the living room watching TV, your Shiba Inus will be happy that he is spending quality time with his human.

Just make sure there’s never a screen separating the two of you – Shiba Inus love their humans and want to feel connected at all times.

Provide plenty of toys to keep their mind occupied and entertained 

Shiba Inus have a lot of energy and need to stay busy, so provide them with plenty of toys. They enjoy playing fetch, tug-of-war games and chewing on small bones.

The best toy for your Shiba Inu will depend on his personality type; if he’s more aggressive than passive, you’ll want to get him an interactive toy that can help calm him down when he feels too much excitement.

Groom their coat regularly 

The Shiba Inu’s natural coat is thick and double-coated. While they don’t need a lot of grooming, it should be done at least once every one or two months.

Getting your Shiba Inu used to being brushed from an early age will make this process much easier when you decide to groom them!

Their coat will also need to be trimmed on an annual basis, and their nails should be cut regularly.

Brush your Shiba Inu from an early age to make the weekly process easier. Trim them every year and trim their nails at least once a month.

Make sure their food is fresh, healthy, and well-balanced for an active dog’s needs (and make sure they get enough water) 

Shiba Inus are just as picky about their food as humans, so make sure you’re providing your Shiba Inu with fresh, healthy fare that packs plenty of nutrition.

If they don’t have enough water, it can cause dehydration and lead to organ failure in extreme cases.

An active Shiba Inu needs a diet rich in protein (such as chicken) supplemented by carbs such as rice or pasta – he should be fed at least twice every day because his metabolism will burn up the calories quickly.

Remember: if your Shiba Inu is overweight or obese (above 20% above ideal weight), he might not enjoy long walks as many other breeds do!

Let them have some alone time outside of the house once in a while, so they don’t get too bored inside all day long… make sure you keep an eye out for cars! 

Shiba Inus need to be stimulated for physical and mental health, so it is up to the human owner to provide an environment that encourages exploration.

One of the most important things you can do as a Shiba Inu parent is making sure your pup has plenty of exercises! A good walk around town every day will help keep them healthy.

If they are kept all day indoors long without any chance of exploring their surroundings or getting in some playtime with other dogs, then this could lead to boredom which often leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing on furniture or barking excessively when left alone.

Shiba Inus should not have access outside until at least six months old because it’s just too dangerous out there – outdoor hazards include cars, other animals, and parasites.

It is important to keep your Shiba Inu on a leash when going for walks as well so they don’t get in the way or pose an obstacle while trying to walk yourself!

The same goes for playtime with other dogs; make sure your pup has plenty of space where they can run around freely without having to worry about getting into another dog’s personal space.

Shiba Inus loves affection, so make sure you are petting him or giving her lots of attention throughout the day! They also need plenty of exercise every day, even if this means taking a walk around the block for five minutes. Exercise keeps Shiba Inus healthy and happy!

Feed them healthy food and snacks, like raw vegetables or fruit treats 

Feeding your Shiba Inu healthy food and snacks will keep it from getting sick because they are made with quality ingredients that you can feel good about feeding to your best furry friend.

Healthy foods also give them fewer stomach aches than processed ones do – both humans and dogs need their tummy time too!

Let them live their hunting side!

Your Shiba Inu is a dog with the hunting instincts of their Japanese ancestors, so be sure to give them plenty of things they can chase and destroy! T

He will keep up their energy levels as well as release pent-up frustration. But make sure you have enough space for your Shiba Inu’s activities (they love tumbling around in wide-open spaces) because Shiba Inus are known to run away if they become bored or unhappy.

Good luck! I hope this article has helped provide some good ideas for how to make your Shiba Inu happy! Remember: they are high-energy dogs who really thrive on attention from their humans – it doesn’t take much at all to keep the content as long as you’re willing to put the time in!

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