How To Train Shiba Inus to Run Long Distances: 10 Steps

Every Shiba Inu owner dreams of running alongside their favorite furry friend, and this article will help you do just that. This is a 10-step guide to training your Shiba Inu to run long distances, and it comes with video demonstrations of the exercises for each step. There are also links to helpful videos in case you need more help!

This blog post gives potential Shiba Inu owners a ten-step plan on how to train Shiba Inus to run long distances, starting from the basics of getting them used to running short distances and gradually increasing their endurance over time through using food rewards as motivation.

It also emphasizes the importance of consistency in training and keeping commands firm when they get tired so that they don’t stop listening completely.

The first thing you should do is decide how long of a distance you want your Shiba Inu trained in (a mile, two miles?). Next, create an area where they will be able to run around freely and practice using as many treats as necessary until Siberian huskies know what it means when they’re told: “go!”

When introducing them to running exercises for the first time, it’s important to start with a short distance (perhaps five laps) and build up from there.

Step One: Figure out how long your Shiba Inu can go without a break.

Some Shiba Inu breeds can run for up to 20 minutes, while others may only last two or three! This will be different for every individual, and the best way to find out is by testing it.

You should always ask yourself if you would still want to continue running after that time period – if not, then it’s too much for your Shiba Inu.

Step Two: Place some treats at the end of a running path.

You want to set this up before the Shiba Inu has any idea of what you’re doing so that they don’t get too excited and runoff. Cover your tracks with something else, so the Shiba Inu doesn’t suspect anything at all!

Step Three: Run with your Shiba Inu until he or she is tired, then give them a treat when they get there!

This is the most important part of training your Shiba Inu as it will teach them how to pace themselves.

It’s tough for a Shiba Inu to understand what they can do and not be able to make adjustments on their own, so you’ll need to keep up with these exercises every day – this could take anywhere from 30 minutes all the way up to two hours per session!

You may also want to consider running in shorter distances at first until you know more about what your Shiba Inu breed needs.

If he or she seems like they’re getting too tired, then give him or her another treat when they get there and stop running right away, otherwise gradually increase that distance over time.

For example: if after one minute of running, your Shiba Inu seems to be feeling tired, then give him or her a treat and end the session. If after two minutes of running, your Shiba Inu seems to be getting tired, then walk for five seconds, run again for one minute, walk for ten seconds, and repeat this sequence until they get their desired workout time in.

Step Four: Call your Shiba Inu by name

When your Shiba Inu gets to that point where it’s about to stop – call their name and make sure you have some treats in hand so that they are motivated to keep going.

Make eye contact and if needed, put one arm behind their back just over the top of the shoulder blades for support (always ask first)

Step Five: Repeat process gradually

Keep repeating this process throughout each run, gradually increasing how far away from home you go each time by five yards every few days.

Remember not to push your pet past his or her comfort zone because Shiba Inus can be very stubborn, and it might take a while to break them of their bad habits.

Call them back to you at the end of a long run for some water, snacks, or to give them some love!

If they are too tired, then keep walking with them until they’re ready to head home. It’s important not to overwhelm (or discourage) your Shiba Inu early in this process by giving it more than what they can handle right now, so make sure that you work out together gradually over time!

The goal is always for both of you to enjoy these experiences from now on. If after one week, there still seems like something isn’t clicking – consult with a veterinarian about any injuries or other potential health issues that may be preventing your Shiba Inu from running easily.

Step Six: Remember to hydrate your Shiba Inu

When you’re back home, make sure that your Shiba Inu has plenty of water available before they go outside for the day!

This is especially important during the hot summer months, when your Shiba Inu may start to pant heavily.

It’s okay if they drink a lot after their run – it’ll help replace the lost fluids during exercise and be beneficial for them as long-term hydration habits.

Step Seven: Run some more and add distractions

Once your Shiba Inu seems comfortable running five yards away from home, start adding more distractions along the way. This might include anything loud such as construction sites or children playing in a yard nearby.

Run past these while giving your treats when they get to the end of the path! You can also give them their favorite toy at this point and see how interested he is in it before you continue with training him to run long distances!

After all of this hard work, make sure they have a nice place for shade if there isn’t any available yet so they won’t overheat too quickly!

This will help keep Shiba Inus healthy and happy for many years to come!

Step Eight: Fun of Running Long Distances

Now it’s time for your Shiba Inu to learn about the fun of running long distances! The only rule is that you should make sure he can always see where you are.

If he starts getting too far ahead, start slowing down and call his name, so he knows what direction to follow!

Just like in Step Seven, give him treats at the end of each successful run as a reward. You might want to also bring water along with you during this process because even though their fur coats keep them cool most of the time, they will still need some hydration while training, both on hot days or really humid ones!

By now, these steps have probably been repeated many times, and your Shiba Inu should be well on his way to running long distances!

Step Nine: Practicing with laps and obstacles

Once you’ve completed this step, it’s time for the final hurdle. You’ll want to choose a section of your yard that is ~100 yards (or about 92 meters) in length and line up some obstacles along with two water stations where he can drink after completing each lap.

Make sure there are no other animals around who might distract him during training so they won’t interfere with his progress. Now start by calling him over to the first obstacle before giving any commands or food rewards.

This will allow him to get used to following your lead while navigating an unfamiliar environment without feeling overwhelmed from hunger or exhaustion because if either one gets too high, chances are he’ll stop listening.

Next, use a command like “Shiba, go!” to get him going and then reward him when he completes one full lap. It’s important not to make it too easy at first because if the Shiba Inu doesn’t understand how far is required of him or feels it isn’t worth his effort for the treat you’re giving them, they’ll stop listening completely.

When he starts getting tired out after two laps (or about 120 yards), give him another food reward but don’t let up on your commands yet – keep telling him what to do until he finishes all ten!

Remember that every once in a while, with Shiba Inus being stubborn animals who want to be independent thinkers, they might refuse the water station or even the food reward.

If your Shiba finishes ten laps without any problems, then you can ease up on him with commands – but make sure to keep rewarding and praising when he completes a lap successfully! And don’t forget that most importantly for this whole process: consistency.

Step Ten: Always check with your vet

Always check with your veterinarian for any additional advice or information regarding this process before continuing training exercises.

Congratulations! Have fun running with your Shiba Inu

Doing these long-term exercises will help teach them how to pace themselves when it’s needed most! Remember that you’re always here with your Shiba Inu breed whether he or she is training physically or mentally – all those post-run treats are just as much yours as they are theirs!

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