The Shiba Inu Exercise Guide: A Collection of Helpful Tips

The Shiba Inu is a small, agile dog that originally came from Japan. They are also known as the “little brushwood dog,” and they were bred to hunt game in the mountains. Nowadays, Shiba Inus are popular pets around the world because of their good looks and fun personalities. Owners will tell you that they love these dogs for their intelligence, loyalty, and affectionate nature – not to mention how easy they are to train! This blog post will provide you with information on how to exercise your new pet so both of you can live healthy lives together.

A Shiba Inu will need about an hour to two hours of exercise each day, making it the perfect breed for people who love outdoor activities. There are plenty of ways to keep your dog happy and healthy with some daily walks or runs through parks and neighborhoods, playing fetch in a park, hiking together at our local trails system – you name it.

Take your Shiba Inu for a walk, jog, or run

If you’re a jogger-type person, take your Shiba Inu out with your partner and do some jogging together. Alternatively, if you like to walk in the mornings before work as well as after dinner at night (especially when it’s cold outside), consider bringing your pup along for the journey.

Make sure that they have appropriate clothing during chilly weather, so they don’t get too cold! If any kids live in the house who want to play with their new pet friend while walking them every day, make sure that they introduce themselves one by one, starting from afar and slowly getting closer until he is comfortable enough to let them pat him without growling or barking.

Have you ever considered taking your Shiba Inu for a walk? I’m here to tell you that it’s not just the recommended amount of exercise they need, but also a great way to make new friends! You can meet up with other dog owners and their dogs or enjoy the scenery while you chat about your day.

Play fetch with your Shina Inu 

Dogs love to play fetch. If you have a Shiba Inu, they must exercise every day for at least an hour or two to keep them happy and healthy. One of the best ways is by playing fetch with your dog! I’ll need about thirty minutes each time so make sure to bring some snacks along too.

My favorite way to exercise my Shiba Inu is by playing fetch with her. You can go out into a park or find an open space in your neighborhood, and then play Fetch until she’s tired of it!

The best thing about this game is that you don’t need any equipment – just some good throwing arm!–all you need to do is get two balls (one for each dog) and start throwing the ball outside their reach so they’ll run after it.

When they bring the ball back, throw it again–and repeat as often as necessary! It’s also great if there are other dogs around because everyone will be running together without getting bored too quickly.

Teach your Shiba Inu to sit and stay 

The Shiba Inu is a very active and energetic breed, so it’s important to teach them to sit or stay when they’re not busy playing. All you have to do for this command is hold their collar gently while looking into their eyes, telling him firmly “sit” or “stay.”

You can also use your hand signal with the same words if he pays better attention that way – but make sure you practice this often without using treats as well! To help reinforce his obedience, ask him to repeat the commands before releasing him from the sitting position.

For example: “-Sit-Stay-” When you release them, say “good dog.” This will encourage good behavior in general because dogs like feeling useful and being praised by their owners.

Dog training is a big commitment. Make sure you have the time and energy to commit to this breed before buying it! He’s worth every penny if he can help your family get in shape, but make sure that won’t be too much work for you first.

And don’t forget about those other important aspects of owning any pet: Shiba Inus need food, medical care, grooming supplies–and sometimes even clothes when they’re outside during cold winter seasons!

Get them used to be groomed by brushing their coat regularly and trimming their nails.

The Shiba Inu’s coat is thick and long, so it needs regular grooming. Brush your pup every day with a brush made for dogs, such as the Furminator or FURminator deShedding Tool. This will help eliminate excess hair that can lead to allergies (or worse) in humans and other animals! If you have a puppy who still has his baby teeth, use scissors or clippers–never pull their hair out by hand because this could hurt them when they’re growing fast! Ensure trim nails regularly, too: these little guys are great at scratching up furniture if they feel bored.

You’ll want to groom your pooch often while he matures. That’s because Shiba Inu fur can get a little messy if it isn’t trimmed, and the same applies to his paw pads. You’ll also want to make sure he is brushed regularly, which will help reduce shedding (which can be quite substantial).

Start with a brisk walk 

Shiba Inus are high-energy dogs, so you’ll want to set aside a good 30 minutes each day for some exercise. Start with a brisk walk and then slowly increase the speed or intensity if your pup can handle it.

Running can also be great fun (and will keep his muscles in shape) but make sure there’s no traffic nearby! Keep these activities structured by making them fun: let him sniff around an interesting tree or bush; stop when he starts getting bored and give him something like a small treat or toy to entertain him before continuing on your way.

You should aim for about two walks per day – a one-morning jog followed by one evening stroll–as well as at least 20-30 minutes of playtime.

Week One

  • Walk for 30 minutes.  Increase walking time if your dog can handle it.
  • Play with your Shiba Inu for 20 -30 minutes each day, either indoors or outdoors, in a fenced area (playing inside can be hard on their joints). Start by playing gently and then gradually increase intensity as they get more tired.
  • Give your pup some food about 15 minutes before the walk starts. This will help them burn off extra energy while you’re exercising!
  • It’s also important that they eat within an hour after exercise ends, giving them another meal at least 90mins following playtime. It would help if you tried to feed him around the same times every day, too–this way, he’ll be used to the routine, which will make it easier for him.
  • Keep your Shiba Inu’s diet as consistent as possible – don’t let them have treats all the time or eat anything some days and not others! This can cause their digestion system to get out of whack.

Week Two

  • Walk at least 50 minutes a day, including 15 in playtime. Increase the time you spend walking if he can handle it without getting tired too quickly.
  • It would help if you also increased his meal interval from 90 mins following exercise, ending up to 120mins following exercise ending to get adequate nutrients after physical exertion.
  • Remember not to skip meals altogether just because one was skipped during previous days’ workouts either.

Week Three

  • Your Shiba Inu should be able to handle up to a two-mile walk without getting too tired. Increase the intensity of your workouts if he is still not struggling with anything you’re giving him, and continue working on his endurance!
  • Remember that they only need one long play session to get all their energy out – don’t worry about breaking it down into multiple shorter ones each day.
  • Continue increasing meal intervals from 120mins following exercise, ending up to 150mins after exercise ends depending on how active during the workout he was. He will also start eating more than just kibble for breakfast now and gradually being given treats less frequently throughout the week.

Add in some sprints and walks for a variety

You may have seen a Shiba Inu running in the park or on your morning jog. Well, that is because they are bred to be fast and agile. They are also considered to be one of the smallest dog breeds. The name Shiba Inu translates to brushwood dog in Japanese. They are bred for hunting games in forested areas. And, if you live near a park or sometimes jog through the woods, then your Shiba Inu may want to join you on these adventures! This is not only good exercise but also good bonding time for both of you.

Do not take this as an excuse just to let your dog run free and experience all sorts of dangers, though. It would help if you always kept them on a leash when they’re outside unless there’s a designated off-leash space available (and even then, it might be wise to watch out).

If possible, try making sure that any long walks include some sprints. Don’t worry about breaking it down into multiple walks.

A good rule of thumb is to give your pup a five-minute break for every 30 minutes they’re playing or being walked around. This can be accomplished by finding an appropriate place (e.g., stop on the way home and let them play with another dog) or just setting up a makeshift bed in one room that you rotate through until it’s time for their break.

It’s important to mix up their exercise routine so that they don’t get bored. This can include walks, sprints, jogging, and hiking with your Shiba Inu!

Another great way is by teaching them some tricks like how to jump over a stick or stay. At the same time, you hold the food just inches from his nose – a game where he must think strategically about when he should break out of the trick to steal the treat will be very entertaining for both parties involved. Remember: dogs love games…and variety too!

Agility training is great for Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus are great dogs for agility training because they are so agile. They have a lot of energy, and agility is a great way to channel that into something productive! Teaching them how to jump over obstacles of different heights is a great way for your Shiba Inu to get exercise and use his mind.

The goal in agility training with the Shiba Inu should be to increase difficulty little by little. For example, you could start by teaching him how to jump over an obstacle that’s only a few inches high before working up to something higher, like six feet or more (don’t forget about safety!

Always make sure he can land safely). Or instead, teach him tricks where he has to think strategically about when it would be best for him to break out from the trick to steal some food–this will keep both parties entertained! Remember: dogs love games and variety too!

One last thing: Keep your Shiba Inu on a healthy diet so that he doesn’t become overweight.


It is important to provide your Shiba Inu breed of dog with the proper exercise it needs to stay in shape.

There are various ways you can do this, but a more proven method that has been thought through would be incorporating its exercise habits into yours; if you jog or walk, then consider bringing them along for runs too!

If running great distances isn’t an option because they won’t keep up, don’t force yourself- take daily walks around the block or throughout your neighborhood instead and let each other enjoy some healthy time together.

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.