Shiba Inu vs Husky: Compare Temperament, Size, Personality and More

Huskies and Shiba Inu’s are two very different breeds of dog. This article will compare the Husky to the Shiba Inu, including temperament, size, personality, and everything in between!

One of the most common dog breeds in the United States is the Shiba Inu. They are a small, compact and agile breed that originated from Japan.

On the other hand, Huskies have an all-around appearance with their thick coat, hefty build, and large paws. The Shiba Inu is typically a little more active than the Husky and makes good companions for small living spaces.

Their geographic regions have influenced the appearance of both these breeds: The Siberian Huskies developed in cold, frigid climates, while the Shiba Inu is from Japan, where they were bred to hunt smaller animals like wild boar.

Both dogs possess an independent streak which makes them ideal as outdoor pets that do not need much attention from humans other than food and water.

They can also be trained easily with patience; however, there are some significant differences between how each breed perceives new experiences or situations. For example, it takes time for Shi-ba’s to get used to new people, but once they

Shiba Inu 

The Shiba Inu is the smallest member of Japan’s native dog breed, which can be traced back to about 800 years ago. The small size helped these dogs hunt game in close quarters and then carry it home on their backs. This article will compare this brave little hunting dog with the much larger Husky!

The Shiba Inu has a double coat that consists of both short and long hair. The coloration is red, sesame, or black with tan markings on the face and legs. These bold colors are often described as “tortoiseshell” because they resemble patterns found in that shell-type animal! This dog breed stands at about 16-22 inches (40-55 cm) tall and weighs around 24 to 35 pounds (14-16 kg).


Husky is a type of dog that originated in Siberia. They are considered to be one of the oldest breeds, and they are known for their wolf-like appearance. These large dogs stand at about 23-26 inches (60-65 cm) and weigh around 55 to 110 pounds (25-50 kg).

Huskies have a thick undercoat covered by guard hairs which create their signature shaggy look. They come in various colors, but they are most often found in shades of sable or white.

Huskies have a dense and long double coat that requires regular brushing to avoid tangles and mats. They also shed heavily twice yearly, with spring being the heaviest shedding season for this breed. Huskies require more grooming than other breeds due to their thick coat; however, if you regularly brush your dog’s fur, it will reduce how much hair is left on your furniture!

Temperament and Behavior 

First off, let’s look at temperament. Usually, a Husky is more friendly than a Shiba Inu due to its eagerness for human contact, while a Shiba Inu may take some time before accepting humans into his/her pack.

However, both breeds are independent thinkers who need consistent training from an early age, or else they’ll develop stubborn traits as adults that make them difficult pets for most people to live with.

Shiba Inus are high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise, while Huskies can be lower-key with just as much energy. They also differ in intelligence: the Shiba Inu is a smart dog but not necessarily obedient, so training may take longer to get through to them, whereas the Husky will likely obey more quickly because they don’t have quite as many mental tricks up their sleeves!

Size and Weight 

The first big difference people notice about these two breeds comes down to their size; both dogs boast similar temperaments. A Shiba Inu can be anywhere from 14-16 inches tall though it varies with individual lineage. A Husky will typically range from 16-20 inches, making them quite larger than their Japanese counterpart!

A Shiba Inu maybe 20 to 25 pounds with a height of 13 inches at the withers. The Husky is 45 to 65 pounds and stands 24-26 inches tall on average. That’s quite a bit bigger! Shiba Inus are also more agile than Huskies, which gives them an advantage in hunting smaller prey like squirrels or rabbits, while Huskies will take down larger game such as moose or elk.

There are a few other differences in size and weight: the Shiba Inu has rounder, fuller paws than the Husky, which makes them better for getting through deep snow; Shiba Inus also have softer fur with more undercoat whereas Huskies are fluffy but don’t provide as much insulation.

The difference between their weight should not impact how frequently you take your dog out for walks or what type of clothes you buy him/her.

Huskies have thicker coats which means they do shed quite a bit compared to the sleek coat on a Shiba Inu; this can mean lots of hair around your home if you don’t clean up after them often enough!

Shiba Inus generally live longer, 16-20 years or even longer, while Huskies usually average 12-14 years depending on how well taken care of he/she was throughout its life.

Personality and Intelligence

Many people are often confused about the difference between Shiba Inu and Huskies. They are both adorable, but they have different personality traits that set them apart from one another, which is why you should always understand what type of dog breed you want before adopting or buying a pup for your family.

Shiba Inus are more independent. They do not like to be told what to do and often ignore their owners without feeling guilt.

If you have a Shiba Inu in the house, then you mustn’t walk too far away because he/she might forget about you; instead, these dogs want your attention right there with them so remember this when interacting!

On the other hand, Huskies are more obedient and love being given tasks to complete or orders from their owner, which makes them easier for first-time dog parents who need some direction.

They also enjoy spending lots of time outdoors playing games and going for walks, whereas Shiba Inus stay inside most of the day unless they’re taken outside by themselves.

Shiba Inus are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, ranking just under German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers in terms of intelligence. This intelligence comes from their stubbornness; they often refuse to do something if it’s not what they want to do, which means that when a task is assigned, Shiba Inus will work harder at figuring out how to complete the job rather than just going with any old thing because someone told them too.

On the other hand, Huskies come across as more obedient and loving but don’t have quite as much brainpower, so while this might make them better for new owners or people who need some guidance, these dogs can be difficult for more experienced owners to train.

What Should You Get

Shiba Inu or Husky, what should you get? A Shiba Inu or a Husky? There are many aspects to consider when deciding which dog is the best fit for your lifestyle. The two breeds differ in size, temperament, and energy levels, so it’s important to consider all of this before making a decision.

There are many similarities between the two breeds, but there are also some key differences. The most notable difference is size, with Huskies being much larger than Shiba Inus.

When it comes down to choosing what type of dog you want for your lifestyle, this is one thing that should help sway your opinion on which breed would work best for you and if you have enough space in your home or yard for dogs of different sizes.

It’s worth noting, though, even at their smaller size, they still require plenty of exercises, so don’t dismiss them just because they’re not as big as other types of dogs out there! They have a lot of energy and need mental stimulation to stay healthy.

One other notable difference is the type of coat they have. Shiba Inus tend to be shaggy with thick coats, whereas Huskies are typically fluffy or straight-haired with thicker fur than their counterparts!

The different types of hair will require different levels of maintenance, so if you’re not ready for that level, know it’s something to consider before picking what breed might work best for your lifestyle.

The last thing I want to mention about these two breeds is how intelligent each one can be. It’s no secret that Huskies, in general, are brilliant dogs but compared even against them, Shiba Inus can sometimes rank higher on intelligence tests because they have

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