How To Deal With Glaucoma in Shiba Inus?

Glaucoma in Shiba Inus 1

As a fur parent, I always want my fur baby to experience the best. Taki, my five-year-old Shiba Inu, is too sweet and adorable. She loves to play catch and tug of war. She also loves to go with me for a walk. She is so excited when I take her for a jog as …

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Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Other Dogs? Find Out How I Did It

Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Other Dogs 1

I have a one-year-old male Shiba Inu for four months now. I got him as a gift from my younger sister, who purchased the puppy, thinking that a Shiba Inu can be an excellent addition to her family of dogs from 4 different breeds: a Rottweiler, a Beagle, a Shih Tzu, and a Shih-Poo. She named him after the …

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What were Shiba Inus Bred For? Here’s the Answer

What were Shiba Inus Bred For 1

The Shiba Inu is the smallest native breed of dogs in Japan used as a hunting dog. They have a compact frame with developed muscles, a curled tail, and a thick coat. Evidence shows that they have been around since 300 BC, where they lived with ancient Japanese families. People from other places migrated into …

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Where are Shiba Inus From? You Probably Know

Where are Shiba Inus From 1

Have you seen a dog whose breed is Shiba Inu? If you have seen the movie entitled ‘Hachiko,’ then that is what it looks like. From the clues of the way it is named, Shiba Inu is a breed of a dog that originated in Japan and was meant to be a hunting dog. Hunting …

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