How Old Do Shiba Inus Live? Find Out Factors That Affect Their Lifespan

Have you always wanted a dog as a companion or to be friends with? I recommend adopting a Shiba Inu! They have this spirited personality, which will keep you entertained on your dull days. Also, they are very agile similar to cats. It can be found on several home shelters and rescue houses, so you can quickly adapt to this gorgeous breed of dog. But one thing that is scary when adopting a dog is that their lifespan is shorter than of humans. However, you can maximize it by letting your dog have a healthy lifestyle!

How Long Does Shiba Inus Live

Shiba Inus can be with you for at least 12 years or approximately at most 15 years, given that they have excellent health. A survey by the National Shiba Club of America is conducted to determine how long the life expectancy of Shibas. The study shows that the median age is 14 years old, and at least 50% of Shibas lives until the age of 13 years old to 15 years old of age. So, it’s kind of a useful lifespan considering that Shibas are a medium-sized dog. Shibas having puppies can also affect their lifespan, depending on the number she had. You may also opt to find neutering your Shiba to remove the possibility of them having reproductive cancer or disease.

Shiba Inus Breed

Shiba Inus is the smallest breed comparing to the related Akita Ken and Kai Ken, Hokkaido, and Akita Inu. These breeds have similar appearances and are one of the oldest breeds of dogs being domesticated. Their original purpose is for hunting birds, participate in small games, and for hunting wild boar sometimes. Since Shiba Inus breed is dated long ago, they are considered as an ancient breed that can adapt well to physiological changes and health efficient dogs.

Shiba Inus Genetic Disease That May Affect Their Lifespan

Shiba Inus lives long and healthy. They are an energetic breed of dogs. However, there are some conditions in which they are more predisposed to contracting a disease, just like any other dog. I, personally, get my Shiba a regular visit to her veterinary and a healthy lifestyle to get my odds in increasing her lifespan.

Here are some common health issues that Shiba Inus might face:

  • Hip Dysplasia
    A veterinary can diagnose hip dysplasia through x-ray imaging. Common symptoms of this disease are stiff and weak. It is also hereditary, so you have to make sure that your dog is evaluated with good hips before a breeding program just to make sure they will not pass it to their puppies.
  • Luxating Patellas
    This is a leg condition that causes knee joint problems, which leads to the lameness of your dog. If they experience some limping, make sure to visit their veterinary to get them checked. It sometimes requires surgery for treatment.
  • Eye Defects
    Progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, and cataracts are some eye defects that affect Shiba Inus’ life. You can have them checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Also, before getting them on a breeding program (if you would like them to get breed), they should undergo an eye test.
  • Allergies
    This is not a serious problem and does not affect their lifespan. Still, it dramatically changes the way your Shibas live if it doesn’t get treated by a veterinarian immediately. Allergies, such as flea allergy, food allergy, and environmental allergy, are just some examples of allergies that may occur in your dog’s life.
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Training Helps in Prolonging Shiba Inus Lifespan

How can you make your dog healthy? By making them happy! Training exercises develop your dog’s brain, which makes them happy. Also, you can keep your dog safe by your side and by using a verbal cue. This keeps them safe as well as improving and prolonging their lifespan.

Food Affects Their Health

I choose healthy food for my Shiba to gradually improve her lifespan. Foods that are good for their bones, organ health, and gives all the necessary nutrition are my priorities in buying them food. This is usually seen on high-quality dog foods that provide protein with several types as well as a balanced diet that affects their lifespan. Give them only an appropriate amount of food with plenty of exercise to keep them from being obese because it is said that obese dogs may have their lifespan shorter than the others.


Shiba Inus are one of the loveliest dogs out there. Many have been asking how long do they live. When reality hits, it is kind of hard to accept that they will not be with you forever, especially if they already had a special place in your heart and if you already had so many memories with them. However, having Shiba Inus may give you a companion and a joy to your life. They can be your best friend and a family at the same time.

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Why do I love Shiba Inus? Shiba Inu are bear-like dogs that are extremely adorable—with human-like mimics, amazing charisma and overflowing cuteness.