How Active are Shiba Inus? Here’s a Clue: They Began as Hunting Dogs

Since I got my Shiba Inu ten months ago, my life has been more complicated. Complicated, in the sense that, I have to insert doggie activities in my everyday routine, every two hours. Such chores like taking Taki to a walk, feeding, bathing, grooming, and bringing him out to the backyard do consume my time and worst, make me out of focus on my writing work.

I am not complaining, though—I know adopting him will require my precious time. It is just that, Taki grows more prominent and more energetic every day, and I feel he needs a bit more of my attention now. To spend hours with Taki, who has become more active lately, is now my new normal.

Is My Shiba Inu Active?

My Taki is very active! You can always see the pent energy in him. When he was younger, we only walked for thirty minutes in the park, and we could go home. As months passed, he craved for more walks and more runnings.

My Shiba Inu has broken almost all of my clay pots in the garden. That is how hyper he is: searching for his lost toy or hunting the black cat who used to sleep on top of my car. He bites the water hose, digs my bermudagrass, flushes all the birds that fly low and tear other plants and flowers with might. He acts as if he hates everything around and wants his surroundings changed. 

And he won! I am now considering my ten-year-old fence changed from wood to concrete and two feet higher. Taki is now 35 cm tall and can quickly jump over our fence and get loose. I will use the pieces of pots he broke as the main design in the wall facing our glass walls. But, I would like to watch Taki notice them and realize that all those are because of his wrongdoings!

Surprisingly, even if he is against everything, he does not change his preference for food – kibble is still his favorite. I assume these keep him active for the day, even if he eats only two meals daily, at 1 ½ cups.

Are All Shiba Inus Active?

As I said earlier, a single Shiba Inu has complicated my life in ten months. What if I own 2 or 3 which are as active as Taki, I cannot imagine what will become of me. Are all Shiba Inus active? Here are some interesting facts that confirm that they are:

  • A purebred Shiba Inu is a very active breed who plays, walks, or jogs along with you tirelessly.
  • He is suited to a home with an enclosed yard where he can play.
  • You can leave him for eight hours alone as long as there are food and water, toys to play on, or a durable couch to snuggle on.
  • The breed also exhibits a fiery (quick-tempered) personality.
  • He is aloof and always tends to be suspicious and aggressive towards strangers and even dogs of a similar kind.
  • He cannot be left unleashed without one watching because they love to chase anything he wants to even people.
How Active are Shiba Inus 2

Consequences of Shiba Inus Being Active

Early socialization is said to be useful in making Shiba Inus grow affectionate and well-rounded, but their being so active gives, even their owners, the lasting impression that these dogs are difficult to train.

Even if the dogs do not need constant attention, most of them end up in cages because of their very active and aggressive behavior. The energy level is so high that it is unsafe for anyone to be jumped over or bumped.

Watching Shiba Inu dog shows on the internet, it is not just the big dogs with beautiful colors, furs, ears, and builds that amuse me – I also noticed that the trainers are too big and husky. If it is because of the active dogs, then it is a wow – I now have an excuse.

Shiba Inu Energy Level

Shiba Inus are not for someone who cannot spend time with them. Their energy level is so high that they need to be watched and trained. They are not just cute dogs.

They are active dogs that need to release their energy in any way possible. 1-3 hours of intense exercise like running or brisk walking, should be generally given to an active Shiba Inu. Once they get that enough exercise, they are happy and can be left snuggling on a couch for hours. 


Ancient history tells that Shiba Inus began as hunting dogs. They used to run for hours to chase boars, flush birds, and other survival games. Running is their main physical exercise, and this source of their strength is carried over until this modern-day generation.

In short, Shiba Inus are very active dogs. If there is anyone who will tell you that Shiba Inu is not, there are just two reasons: either the dog is sick or past asleep.

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While taking Shiba Inus on a walk, you will turn many heads and get many compliments.