Do Shiba Inus Wag Their Tails? What They Mean When They Wag Their Tails

The cute tail is the most popular body part of our Shiba Inus. It is often curled and seems unmoving.

One of the frequently asked questions about their tail is whether it wags or just stays still. I even became so curious about this that I intentionally observed these beautiful creatures for quite some time. Yes, they do wag their tails too.

The tail is also one of the most misunderstood body parts of our Shiba Inus. A wagging one does not always mean a happy pup. However, this tells us that our dog is excited and full of energy. Take note that this energy may be playful or hostile, which depends on the current situation.

The Story Behind the Shiba Inu’s Tail

Our Shiba Inus are lucky dogs with many remarkable physical attributes. They have gorgeous furs, lovely faces, well-proportioned bodies, and an elegant tail. The tail makes it stand apart from other dogs.

The Different Types of Shiba Inu Tails

  • Single Curled
    Our most beloved Shiba Inus are very well known to have curled tails. This is also called the ringtail. It bends upward to the back, forming a cute curl.

    This helps them preserve their body heat and feel warm during extreme cold. This can also be observed in Siberian Huskies and Akitas.

    This is considered as the perfect tail for Shiba Inus. It has a thick vertebra which expresses dignity, calmness, confidence, and power.

    The hair is slightly longer than our dog’s coat. This type of tail is flexible and relaxed. This gives them the grace, mobility, and balance needed when in motion.
  • Sickle Shaped
    There are also Shiba Inus, who have a sickle tail. This curls to the back, but not as intense compared to the regular curled tail.

Do Shiba Inus Wag Their Tails?

Yes, Shiba Inus also wag their tails as most dogs do. Thanks to their curled tails, this motion may not be as apparent compared to other canines.

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What Does It Mean When Shiba Inus Wag Their Tails?

A wagging tail for dogs does not necessarily mean they are happy. Pups are creatures who are naturally extremely aroused and energized. This may mean they are ready to play or just waiting to attack you.

Shiba Inus can half-wag their tails that go from the middle to the right or left. All directions are relative to our pup. Left would mean our dog’s left side.

Their tail-wagging directions, swing range, and speed all have a meaning.

Here are the things we need to consider when understanding the tail language of our Shiba Inus:

  • High-carried
    This shows excitement and confidence. I often get this tail when I am playing with my Shiba Inu. This is also displayed when we are engaged in our training and agility sessions.
  • Low-carried
    Whenever my Shiba Inu feels unwell or is not in the mood to play, I get the low tail. With a low-carried tail, my pup often wants to be left alone. It may also be their way of saying that they want to be submissive to avoid any conflict. Thus, I always try my best to carefully observe his body language to understand better how he is feeling at the moment.
  • Normal-height and Still
    This is an indifferent or relaxed body signal. I have observed this when my Shiba Inu seems to be following the situation or does not care about his surroundings at all.
  • Slow
    Our dog would do this when they do not know what to do next. This can also show that they are sad or lonely. A cuddle may give them the affection they need during these gloomy days.
  • Fast
    This is like an exclamation point for our pets. Whatever they may feel they want to emphasize it and show us that they are serious about it.
  • Rightward
    When my dog’s tail moves from the middle to his right, he frequently wants me to show him attention. Thus, I would end up hugging him, patting his head, or talking to him whenever he makes this heart-warming gesture.

    Our dog can also be madly curious about something. It happens when they are in an optimistic and strange mood.
  • Leftward
    When my pup does the leftward tail-wagging, I will give him space. This usually means the avoidance plea or avoidance axis. Our Shiba Inus want us to provide them with alone time and not mess with them in any way.

    I habitually find my dog do this when there are cats around the house or the area.

Tail With a Purpose

The tails of Shiba Inus, as well as the majority of dogs, maybe in various positions, shapes, and sizes. Canines highly use these tails for communication; thus, we need to be extra observant and sensitive to the signals that they may be showing us.

Yes, Shiba Inus wag their tails too.

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