Do Shiba Inus Run Away? Here’s How To Prevent Them from Running Away

One question I frequently encounter when I visit dog forums on the Internet is, why do their Shiba Inus run away all the time? To be honest, I’ve had my first Shiba Inu for years, and he had always been endearing and playful, without showing signs of the frequently mentioned aloofness. The only moments I noticed him not listening to me was during the first few months. When I adopted my second Shiba Inu, I found myself asking this very same question.

Shiba Inus as a Basal Breed

I researched the breed and learned as much as I can as to why my second dog seemed to be so hard-headed and disobedient. Somehow, I had the idea that I might be able to control my Shiba Inus to keep them safe without entirely removing their freedom. With that, I condensed their common traits that I had read about and witnessed whenever I took them both for walks and trips.

Independent to a Fault

I particularly noticed with my Shiba Inus how they seem hell-bent to do that one thing they set out to do. Whenever I let them off of their leash, they can somehow find something interesting, and they’ll go towards that and do what they want. Like the first trait, they wouldn’t listen whenever I tried to call them, and it had exasperated me multiple times.

However, I learned to be at peace with this trait, and I let them be for as long as they come back when it’s time to go home. Then again, I make it a point to keep a hold of them if we are in open spaces where there are a lot of people, especially children, to avoid conflicts or mishaps.

High Prey Drive and Stubbornness

Especially when they are still very young, Shiba Inus tend to be very hard-headed and seem not to hear you when you call for them, but they do. I have observed how my dogs had deliberately avoided me whenever I tried to put a leash on their harness, and it almost made me feel like they hated me.

However, that is untrue, because when they do run away, they will always come back home. The risk lies on what happens while their away, and road accidents can be a detriment

During the afternoons, when I let them out of the house, they would spend hours chasing whatever got their attention, and they wouldn’t stop until they catch it – that, or digging or clawing at stuff. For a dog that looks so mild and cute, you wouldn’t expect them to be aggressive and stealthy, but they are. My Shiba Inus had caught several small animals, mostly rats, so I made sure they got all their required vaccine shots and proper nutrition to keep them from getting sick.

Do Shiba Inus Run Away 2

Highly Intelligent and Keen

Last but not least of the traits mentioned is their intelligence. Shiba Inus are one of the smartest dog breeds, and even with their hard-headedness, they can easily catch on to what you’re training them to do – quickly making them quick learners.

This is a dog breed that somehow embodies the ideals of Japanese culture, wherein they are very headstrong and noble, so they are not the type that can be manhandled. My dogs get aggressive when someone tries to hurt them without reason, but if they are trained and treated well, they return the respect.

Forging the Bond with our Shiba Inu

Remember when I said that my first Shiba Inu wasn’t at all as stubborn? That was because he was with me ever since he was a pup, whereas I got the other as an adult. With that, I had discerned that may be a connection should be better forged, so my dog will understand that what I’m trying to do is for their good.

So, here’s a suggestion for new owners of Shiba Inu pup: Start young. Do behavioral training and expose your dog to adequate socialization at a very young age because that is the best time to teach these. They can get anxious when grown in isolation since they belong to a breed with wilder traits than domesticated ones. The more eager your Shiba Inu, the more chances they will run away from you more often.

Final Word

Disciplining your Shiba Inu is also essential. Letting them get away with it all the time will eventually lead to more trouble in the future, and may even get your dogs hurt. Therefore, it is our responsibility as dog owners to make sure that they get the training and the guidance they need so that they, and the ones around them, can have a better quality of life. All that being said, I hope that this has been of help to you.

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