Do Shiba Inus Like To Swim?

Of course, they do. Generally speaking, some dogs love to swim and play in the water. For them, getting wet and being submerged in water is an enjoyable experience.

Dogs who love to swim are great companions, especially during swimming trips. They are quickly comfortable with water and will not be afraid of it. They would even jump in it first before you do.

Moreover, dogs who are innately inclined to swimming are also bred to accompany coast guards or patrols to ensure the safety and security in areas with water forms. These dogs help in making sure that no danger will happen in the water, especially if it involves human safety.

Dogs Love To Swim, Right?

However, not all dogs are born with a love for the water. Some are naturally comfortable with water, some are born swimmers, but some dogs avoid water at all costs.

Why is there such a variation in their behavior towards water? Just like humans, dogs are different from each other. They are also unique, especially when talking about different dog breeds. This is the reason why some dogs are not swimming or getting wet.

Water Dog Breeds

Did you know that there is such a thing as water dog breeds? Water dog breeds are breeds that are characterized by their innate love for and comfort in the water.

Portuguese Water Dog, Curly Coated Retriever, American Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Flat-Coated Retriever are just some of the well-known water dog breeds. You can easily find them playing in the water with kids and their companions comfortably as if they are “trained” to be so.

But these water dog breeds already have the natural liking or inclination towards the water. It is like saying that they trained themselves already, unlike other dog breeds who need training so they could learn how to swim.

If you are the kind of person who lives near the beach or a lake, then taking care of a water dog breed would be best for you. If you love to swim and relax in the water, a water dog breed would be a great companion for you.

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Is The Shiba Inu One Of Them?

So, do Shiba Inus like to swim? Are they into playing in the water and getting wet?

Directly speaking, Shiba Inus are not naturally comfortable with water. They don’t innately like interacting with water, except for drinking the purest of its form.

I know this for a fact because of my readings and of my own experiences. You’re right – I am a proud human companion of a Shiba Inu for five years now.

My male cream Shiba Inu is named Hara, and one of his unique traits is that he is not the type of dog who loves or likes the water. He is not comfortable with getting wet, and I think he hates it.

But that was at first only, mostly when he was younger. That behavior changed somehow because I exposed him regularly to water.

Even though Shiba Inus are super clean dogs who maintain themselves well, I made it a point to wash and groom Hara once a week. At first, it was challenging. He would fight away from water!

But within a year, he eventually learned to keep calm and “endure” my weekly grooming habit. I think that this much helped him overcome his discomfort towards the water.

Now, his relationship with water is more of a love and hate situation, not just hate and hate one. He loves drinking pure and clean water, but he never likes puddles or messy wet stuff.

He endures my grooming, but he doesn’t like to swim yet. However, he is comfortable whenever we walk with him by the lake. Sometimes he even runs along the lakeshore with other animals.

But right now, he is not yet into swimming. And for me, it’s perfectly fine because I am not an enthusiastic swimmer, only when vacationing with family and friends.

Unique Traits Of The Shiba Inu

Aside from their natural but changeable discomfort towards the water, here are some of the attractive traits of the Shiba Inu:

  • They are very clean, just like cats. Some people would even say that Shiba Inus are dogs who act like cats. They are very tidy, and they maintain their bodies and personal spaces clean. Also, they don’t like eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water,
  • They are very independent. I can attest to this because Hara enjoys being alone half the time. For me, this is great because I am a very busy person. Shiba Inus can tolerate being alone, and they would just spend their time being curious about their surroundings without being destructive.
  • They have natural hunter instincts. They run fas,t and they move swiftly without any difficulties. This is because their ancestors in Japan were trained to become hunting dogs who help their companions in catching small game. This means that their hunter instincts have been passed on to the new and current generation of Shiba Inus.
  • They are small but terrible. Terrible in a significant way. Even if they are small to medium in size, Shiba Inus are known for their confidence, greatness, bravery, and activeness. They are small dogs who act and think like large dogs. They have a strong personality that is radiating with intelligence, independence, liveliness, good nature, and loyalty.

A Trainable Dog

The Shiba Inu is the type of dog who is not born with a love for the water. It is not considered as a water dog breed. But even though it is not comfortable with water, Shiba Inus can be exposed and trained to interact with water comfortably.

Shiba Inus are intelligent, healthy, and adaptable. Therefore, I can say that they can be trained to do just about anything, as long as you are consistent, persistent, and patient in teaching them.

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