Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Other Dogs? Find Out How I Did It

I have a one-year-old male Shiba Inu for four months now. I got him as a gift from my younger sister, who purchased the puppy, thinking that a Shiba Inu can be an excellent addition to her family of dogs from 4 different breeds: a Rottweiler, a Beagle, a Shih Tzu, and a Shih-Poo.

She named him after the high-performance car Taki because his energy level is very high too. However, after a month of continuously socializing Taki, my sister’s patience was drained. According to her, she had a hard time calming him when her other dogs in the house go near him.

When brought outside to play, he will try to jump over the wooden fence and fight with the neighbors’ dogs. He gave up on Taki because he can’t get along with other dogs, and the boisterous environment he makes is no longer bearable at the same time.

Does My Shiba Inu Get Along with Other Dogs?

During those four months, I religiously walk Taki into the public park nearby to erase this barrier issue. During those months, there was not a single day that I could remember that he did not bark on the dogs he meets daily. He fights them, so I concluded that he couldn’t get along with other dogs.

Do All Shiba Inus Get Along with Other Dogs?

Are all Shiba Inus like that? Are they tough to get along with other dogs? Or it is just my Taki who can’t do so? To solve my confusion, I searched the net and looked for possible causes of my dog’s behavior towards other dogs. These are what I found:

  • Shiba Inus are dominant dogs, so they don’t get well with other dogs, especially with other dominant dogs of the same sex.
  • Shiba Inus only get along with another dog if the latter agrees with him that he is the boss.
  • The Shiba Inu breed is a natural hunter since ancient times; given a chance, he will show the hunter in him. He loves to chase and thus can’t be kept loose in public lots.
  • Shiba Inus think they are big dogs, even if they’re only a puppy. They prefer to get along with big dogs like them.
  • They are aggressive and grumpy. More often, they become reactive when they see other dogs. Two Shiba Inus can get along just fine, but different breeds won’t. They need to be supervised during mealtime because they tend to steal other dog’s food and toys.

Are there Dogs that Shiba Inus Can Get Along With?

Some Shiba Inu owners claim that their pets get along with the following dogs:

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Described as active, intelligent, healthy, athletic, and lively; same with the Shiba Inu except that it’s a bit smaller.
  • Alaskan Malamute – Described as immensely strong, loyal, affectionate, and playful
  • Other Shiba Inus

They can’t get along with other breeds like Jindos, Spaniels, Dobermans, and German Shepherds, which are larger than them.

Do Shiba Inus Get Along With Other Dogs 2

How I Tried Making My Shiba Inu Get Along with Other Dogs

Given those qualities alone, it is pretty evident that a Shiba Inu is better off alone than with company. But knowing there are few cases that they get along depending on the dog’s breed has given me high hopes.

Since I have no other dogs in the house, I bought big posters of large dogs and small dogs and pasted them in the corner of the garage, where I temporarily shelter Taki. I watch him bark on the signs as if the dogs in the picture can steal his food.

I have my backyard fully enclosed and big enough for him to run unleashed, but I did not allow it because it may not be safe for my neighbors and friends who come into the house for a visit. Not until he stops barking at the dogs in the neighborhood or had my concrete fence installed – whichever comes first – I probably will not unleash him.

After the pandemic, I will bring him along to his previous owner and see if he changed in time. I am excited to see how he will get along with his cousin dogs: Hammer, a 3-year-old Rottweiler, Adam, a 5–year–old Siberian husky, Portia, an 8-year-old beagle, and the Shih Tzus).

I also can’t wait how he will exchange barks or fight with Agathon, a mixed breed between a Labrador and a beagle that my niece owns.


Further studies state that such reactions to other dogs depend a lot on what kind of dogs he likes to play with, his environment, routine, and past experiences.

My experience confirms that Shiba Inus get along only with dogs who are of the same breed or similar to them in looks and strength. These are, however, sporadic cases. I have proven it myself, so I can’t say that Shiba Inus can get along with other dogs.

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