Why Getting a Shiba Inu Makes You The Best Person Ever

Why Getting a Shiba Inu Makes You The Best Person Ever 1

Shiba Inus are such delightful dogs. They’re tiny, they don’t shed much, and they’re just so darn cute! If you’ve been thinking about getting a Shiba Inu but haven’t done it yet because of any reason at all, stop what you’re doing and get one today. You’ll be the best person ever to make this …

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How To Train Shiba Inus to Run Long Distances: 10 Steps

How To Train Shiba Inus to Run Long Distances 1

Every Shiba Inu owner dreams of running alongside their favorite furry friend, and this article will help you do just that. This is a 10-step guide to training your Shiba Inu to run long distances, and it comes with video demonstrations of the exercises for each step. There are also links to helpful videos in …

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Is it Safe for Shiba Inus to Live in Hot Weather?

Is it Safe for Shiba Inus to Live in Hot Weather 1

As Shiba Inus are native to Japan, they can suffer from heat exhaustion when temperatures rise. However, there are ways that you can make your home more comfortable for your dog during a hot spell. Read on for our tips! This is an article about whether it’s safe for Shiba Inus to live in hot …

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All About Shiba Inu Grooming: Bathing & Brushing

All About Shiba Inu Grooming Bathing & Brushing 2

The Shiba Inu is a dog with a double coat that requires regular grooming to keep the coat looking its best. The frequency of bathing and brushing can vary depending on the individual, but it’s important to stay within certain guidelines not to damage this beautiful breed’s hair. Bathing too often or too infrequently will …

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Shiba Inu Nutrition: What Fruits Can Shiba Inus Eat?

Shiba Inu Nutrition What Fruits Can Shiba's Eat 1

Many owners of Shiba Inus are often wondering what fruits their dogs can eat. The good news is that they can have a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. However, not all are healthy for them to consume. For example, citrus fruits such as oranges should be avoided because they contain …

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Shiba Inus: The Dog That Can Get Along with Cats

Shiba Inus The Dog That Can Get Along with Cats 2

Many people have the misconception that Shiba Inus cannot get along with cats. This is not true! Shiba Inu can and do coexist peacefully with other small pets, such as cats. The key to a successful relationship between your Shiba and your cat is patience and understanding on both sides. Read on for more information …

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Can Shiba Inus Go Long Distances? Here’s What You Need to Know

Can Shiba Inus Go Long Distances- Here's What You Need to Know.2

Running with your Shiba Inu can be an amazing experience. You get to bond and spend time together while exploring the world around you. But, before taking off on the run with your furry friend, make sure you know what to do beforehand! This blog post will discuss how long Shiba Inus can go without …

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Do Shiba Inus Like To Swim?

Do Shiba Inus Like to Swim 2

Of course, they do. Generally speaking, some dogs love to swim and play in the water. For them, getting wet and being submerged in water is an enjoyable experience. Dogs who love to swim are great companions, especially during swimming trips. They are quickly comfortable with water and will not be afraid of it. They …

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Are Shiba Inus Loyal? You Bet They Are

Are Shiba Inus Loyal 1

If you are continually showing or giving firm support to someone or an organization, then you are loyal. Loyalty means allegiance, faithfulness, and commitment always to be there to guide, care, protect, and support. Nowadays, loyal people are considered as rare gems – they are very precious and hard to find. This is because a …

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