Can Shiba Inus Be Trained? Start Training As Early As Possible

A Shiba Inu is an attractive, small dog that looks a lot like a fox. Despite its popularity and good looks, these dogs are known to be notoriously stubborn, independent, as well as hard to train. But, with patience and consistency, a Shiba Inu dog can be trained to obey specific behavior rules and follow relatively simple commands, like relieving themselves outside. Anyway, let’s take a look at how you can go about effectively training your Shiba Inu.

Start Training As Early As Possible

The ideal time to start training your Shiba Inu is when it reaches eight weeks old. If the puppy you have has already surpassed this age, then you’ll need to get started as soon as possible. The truth is, Shiba Inus are very intelligent canines; however, their unique temperament and energetic personality are what helps make them challenging to train.

If you train them when they’re still young, not only will you get better results, but the training itself will also be much easier as well. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t successfully train an older Shiba Inu. Older ones or adults can still be trained; however, it’ll take more effort and patience from you. 

A Shibu Inu gets bored very quickly, and you’ll often need to provide them with a lot of mental stimulation if you want to prevent this. When the dog is bored, it’ll have a deficient attention span, making it that much harder to train. Take your dog on walks every day, play with it regularly, and try not to leave it all alone for long periods.

Use Positive Reinforcements  

Training your Shiba Inu using positive reinforcements entails giving your canine companion a treat/reward whenever it does what you directed it to do. Tasty treats are excellent motivators, if not the best ones, for this type of dog because they usually don’t crave attention and praise from their masters the same way other dogs do.

Like we mentioned earlier, these dogs are usually strong-willed and extremely stubborn. Punishment training models where you use negative repercussions to discourage unwanted behaviors won’t work with this dog breed. It will not respond well to such training models. Positive reinforcement training models are what you should be concentrating on. It gives them the chance to choose what they want to do for themselves.

Start With One Command At A Time

Use easy words for each command (for instance, “sit”), and then use the same words over and over again to help the canine understand what you’re telling it. The most common command many people usually start with sits. Why? Because it’s kind of easy to teach, and it can be beneficial when getting your Shibu Inu to stop whatever it’s doing so that it can concentrate on other commands. However, you don’t necessarily have to start with sit as the first command. You can also use “lay down,” “heel,” or “stay” if you’d like.

Also, ensure you’re using a calm tone and talking clearly when giving out the command. Never use angry tones or raise your voice when teaching your dog how to follow verbal commands. Try not to allow irritation to sip into your voice during training sessions that aren’t going on too well. Always keep calm during the entire training process.

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Limit Training Sessions To Around 10 Minutes Each

If you want to get the best results out of your training sessions, keep them around 10 to 15 minutes long, no more no less. Be consistent with these training sessions and concentrate on teaching the canine one specific command at a time. Training should be done once a day; however, if you’d like to get in more practice than that, then you can do it twice a day, morning and evening, for ten minutes each session.

Frequent, short practice sessions also work very well. You can do these during ads when you’re watching TV. Also, doing daily reward training will help create strong bonds between the master and the dog. Make the practice sessions as fun as you can and avoid punishing the dog whenever it does something you don’t want it to do during these sessions.

Respond To Unwanted Behavior By Ignoring the Dog

When Shiba Inus get bored, they’ll try and get some attention from you. However, this attention doesn’t necessarily have to be good. What often tends to last longer is the harmful kind. The best thing to do when this occurs is to ignore the dog entirely. This way, it’ll learn that bad behavior won’t get what’s it’s looking for.

Wrapping Up

Generally, the most important thing when training your Shiba Inu is to try as much as you can to work within the dog’s limitations. This breed has numerous fantastic character traits; however, they also have some that aren’t that good. When it comes to the bad ones, find the right way to work around them.

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