Are Shiba Inus Protective? They are Protective of Everything

Shiba Inus are cute and friendly! Their personality makes them quite enjoyable to be with. They’re playful, fun, and adorable. They also are very loving to their families, making them a favorite of doggie lovers.

So by knowing that they are very loving and close to their loved ones (especially their owners), are they also protective of them? To know that, we need first to understand the overall personality of the Shiba Inu. By knowing the nature, we can determine if Shiba Inus are indeed the protective kind and how protective they are.

I, myself, own a Shiba Inu, so I’ll share a couple of fun stories that I have with my little doggie.

General Personality

First, let’s check out the Shiba Inu personality. Shiba Inus, in general, are brilliant and very good with the family. They’re good with kids. They know how to play with kids and can even take care of them.

However, kids shouldn’t rough house or tease a Shiba Inu since they’re pretty sensitive. As long as your child is calm when playing with the dog, they’ll be fine. Shiba Inus also love attention from their owners. Though they’re not the clingy kind, they do love hugs, and belly rubs from time to time.

While they’re good with their owners, they can also be aggressive with strangers. They are alert and will raise their eyes when someone they don’t know enters the house. I should know how it is because of my own Shiba Inu does the same thing.

My little guy hates strangers! There was one time when I had a friend over. The moment my friend entered the gate, he started staring at my friend while growling. My friend got pretty scared even though my little boy was just a small dog. He doesn’t bark that much, but when he gets aggressive, he gets alert.

Shiba Inus, in general, are very cautious and don’t like changes.

Possessiveness with their Belongings

Aside from being protective of their family members, they are also really protective of their food. You can even say they’re on the borderline possessive type. If you try to take their food, they’re going to growl at you the same way they growl at strangers– even if you’re their owner.

There was one time when one of my kids took the bowl of our little Shiba Inu. He got furious and started barking at my child. That’s why it’s probably not right for you to leave your Shiba Inu with your children unless your dog is already trained. They need to be prepared to socialize with people so that they don’t make it hard for everyone.

Territorial Personality

Another thing that you need to take note of is that they’re territorial. That’s why they’re very protective of their family and belongings. In general, they don’t like the area around them being invaded by other things or animals. That’s why it’s probably not a good idea to have other pets when you own a Shiba Inu. There’s a huge possibility that your Shiba Inu will fight your other pets. They’re very particular about territory, and they don’t like sharing.

These little guys are hunters and will hunt smaller animals than them. If you have a cat, a hamster, or a turtle in the house, do not put them together. You may also want to give them separate feeding places and give them different toys. They can probably coexist better with dogs or animals they’re own size, but you will encounter some problems if they aren’t trained.

Are Shiba Inus Protective 2

How To Address This

So now, let’s discuss how to address some of these temperament problems that make Shiba Inus overprotective. What I did with my dog is I trained him. I made sure to expose him to all the family members in our house. Sure, he made a lot of enemies with strangers like our relatives or our friends, but making our dog more exposed to our children makes them easier to handle.

Other than our children, we also had to make him grow up with our other dog so that they won’t fight. Making them socialize at an early age will help tone down their over-possessiveness or overprotectiveness a notch. But you still need to make sure that you respect your Shiba Inu’s space; otherwise, he will act up.


So to answer our original question about whether or not Shiba Inus are protective, yes, they are. They are protective of everything from their owners, their toys, their food, and also their space. As long as you know how to set boundaries between your Shiba Inu and your loved ones, you will be able to enjoy your doggie’s company.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about these furry little friends!

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