Are Shiba Inus Hyper? Find Out How to Manage Shiba Inu Hyperactivity

Shiba Inus are famous for their highly energetic, bold, and agile personality. I got mine when she was only six weeks old about five years ago. My first observation was her seemingly high energy level.

Even at an early age, mine would fall while running laps around my small backyard. Puppies usually get bored and end up expressing themselves through destructive behavior. It is essential to engage the puppy throughout the day to burn off excess energy. They can show how housebroken they are when given a chance.


On acquiring a Shiba Inu, one should ensure that they approach the right breeder. This is because some dogs can be very temperamental from a young age. They may be overly aggressive and unresponsive even towards the owner.

When provoked or upset, it emits one of its characteristics, “Shiba Inu scream”, which is punctuated by a high-pitched shriek. It may also make the same sound when pleased.  Also, getting an older dog may be a better choice since you know precisely what you are up against.  Besides, most older dogs are quiet and well behaved.


I work for 6 hours away from home on weekdays, which means I have to stay away from my dog for some time. What I like about her is that she can stay alone without experiencing loneliness.

She’s highly independent and doesn’t need me most of the time, except when she needs to eat and occasional petting. I always look forward to her warm and welcoming smile at the end of the day.


Shiba Inus are generally easy to clean. They usually shed fur twice a year, which means you practically have to walk with a lint everywhere you go.

During bathing, my dog likes to get into the tub on her own and plays with the water. On days when I’m brushing her teeth, she runs and hides behind the couch; then, we have to play hide and seek for 30 minutes before she lets me touch her. I have to say. She helps me stay in shape.

Relationship with Humans

Shiba Inus are excellent family dogs due to their loyalty. They mainly have a liking for small children who have the same bursts of energy.

However, they tend to show mistrust towards strangers. Mine barks and growls at unknown visitors since she has a territorial nature.

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Training and Socialization

Early training and socialization go a long way in ensuring that the dogs become well rounded. Shiba Inus are excellent learners, as long patience and consistency are exercised. They like doing whatever they want to do, hence are hard to train.

My dog is sometimes stubborn and strong-willed. I could ask her to fetch a ball or get in the house, and she would just sot there. I do not let her win; instead, I become assertive and refuse to offer treats.

Escape Artistry

Due to their hyperactive nature, Shiba Inus are outstanding escape artists. With this in mind, it is essential to have a high, well-built fence with no likelihood of it being dug from underneath. Also, apartments are an excellent place to stay with them.


One thing I admire about Shiba Inus is their alertness. I get alarmed by my dog’s growls and barks when someone gets near my door. She stands there waiting to pounce on the “the perceived threat” with her tiny body, showing a lot of confidence.

How to Manage Shiba Inu Hyperactivity

Exercise Patience

Try to remain calm even when the dog is misbehaving. For example, if I get angry or lose my temper, she gets overexcited, which leads to more destruction. That means I have to give her a timeout, and I end up feeling sorry for her.

Games and Toys

Another way to engage the Shiba Inu dog is through the use of games and toys. One can buy dog bones and Frisbees to play catch with, and chew toys.

Playdates with other dogs are also constructive activities. After all these activities, they are bound to get tired and not ruin your favorite couch or shoes. I particularly like to play tug of war with my dog. It makes her happy, and she gets to exercise her teeth.

Dog Walks

A walk around the block will surely expend some of the energy that Shiba Inus have. Moreover, one’s arm can’t be yanked off since they only weigh about 20 pounds.

I also like to let her run around dog parks, chasing butterflies and playing with other dogs all afternoon while I read my favorite book.


Shiba Inus are adorable dogs with their fox-like appearance and thick coat. They are loving and loyal.

Apart from being prone to a few health conditions such as cataracts, allergies, and some joint issues, they are a healthy breed. With a healthy diet, exercise, and veterinary care, they are relatively easy to maintain. Who wouldn’t love to own such unique creatures!

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While taking Shiba Inus on a walk, you will turn many heads and get many compliments.