Are Shiba Inus Good With Other Dogs? Start Socializing Them Early and Slowly

Shiba Inus do not shy away from communicating their likes and dislikes to their owners. My Shiba Inu is specific on food, how he is held, stepping on wet mats, and touching. Here are lessons I have learned about my Shiba Inu when it comes to interacting with other dogs:

You are Not My Boss

Shiba Inus love ruling themselves and not love canine or human bosses. Sometimes they may follow instructions from their human bosses but only when guidelines agree with what they want.

However, when relating to other dogs, they don’t get along with dominant personalities. This makes it difficult for them to connect to other dogs. The following are characteristics that make it difficult for Shiba Inus to relate effectively with other dogs:

  • Shiba Inus bully other dogs if they are sure of getting away with it.
  • Shiba Inus are rebellious and do not surrender easily.
  • They love playing wrestle and rough games.

They Don’t Mind the Size

My Shiba Inu loves relating to larger dogs who like playing rough. I do not allow him to play with smaller dogs because he can bully or overwhelm them. Somehow, he also gets along well with puppies because they also like wrestling and are more submissive and tolerant. If you plan to have another dog, buy a good playmate of your Shiba Inu.

The Human Factor

When training my dog on how to socialize with other dogs, I usually ask for other dog owners’ permission. Most people do not like the rough and aggressive styles of Shiba Inus. During usual plays, Shiba Inus are generally fierce and may make war cries. Therefore, do not allow your Shiba Inu to relate with dogs belonging to fearful people.

They may project lousy energy, which may cause extreme behavior in their dogs and your Shiba Inu. I do not allow my Shiba Inu to relate with unbalanced dogs since they may cause my Shiba Inu to start having lousy interaction habits such as mouthing on people and fear aggression.

Note that Shiba Inus are usually sensitive to the emotions of people. He can quickly pick excitement, fear, anger, and frustration. When the Shiba Inu relates to other dogs, do not put undue tension, and always stay calm.

Are Shiba Inus Good With Other Dogs 2

Personal Space

Shiba Inus value their personal space and do not like it when other dogs interfere or come unannounced. This is common even for other breeds such as the German Shepherds. Always protect your Shiba Inus from strange dogs and inform other dog owners not to come near your Shiba Inus since it does not like seeing new dogs.

My Shiba Inus doesn’t like meeting with other new dogs, so I am always careful when we meet new dogs. I always supervise my dog when he is with other dogs, not to hump or bully. He also does not like it when other dogs start to sniff his butt.

On-leash vs. Off-leash

Shiba Inus behave differently while on-leash or off-leash. The leash is likely to create barrier frustrations or make him fearful. You must train your Shiba Inus with polite greetings, whether he is off or on the leash.

If your Shiba Inu behaves aggressively when he is on-leash, you can use the off-leash time to reward him if he behaves wisely while on their leash.

You can also use a muzzle on your Shiba Inu, but it causes the same barriers and fear, just like the leash. My Shiba Inu does not like being on the muzzle, and he is not active when he is on it. You can choose to make the dogs meet across the fence.

Spaying and Neutering

Neutering and spaying can assist Shiba Inus in socializing with other dogs.

Unneutered males may show dominance while in the company of other dogs, which leads to aggression. Females dogs should be separated from male dogs since they can bring competition among male dogs, which may escalate into a dog fight.

Dog owners are always afraid to neuter or spay their dogs, fearing that it may bring a change in a dog’s personality. The personality of a dog is mainly based on the environment and genetics rather than sex hormones.

Start Socializing Your Shiba Inu Slowly 

To start socializing your Shiba Inu, you can begin by taking a walk around the neighborhood when he is on-leash. Watch how your Shiba Inu reacts around a fenced reactive dog he can’t see and those he can see. Make him less sensitive slowly in every situation to make sure that he does not develop aggressive behavior. Ensure you also maintain calm energy when you Shiba Inu are meeting with other dogs

When you notice that your Shiba Inu is relaxed around your neighborhood, you can take it to a nearby SPCA. In the SPCA, there are usually fewer dogs compared to a dog park. Moreover, in the SPCA, dogs are typically handled by trained volunteers or trainers.

Final Word

In conclusion, Shiba Inus can socialize with other dogs on conditions. However, if your Shiba Inu has aggressive behaviors, do not force him to relate with other dogs if he is not comfortable. You can teach him good manners when interacting with other dogs and people but do not force him to socialize.

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