Are Shiba Inus Good Pets? Find Out Your Compatibility with Shiba Inus

Because they are handsome, hardy, quiet, clean, and compact, I find myself drawn to Shiba Inus. I believe that they are good pets indoors. Nevertheless, I can advise potential Shiba Inu owners to research carefully before considering getting this breed as a pet.

From my experience, It could be a big mistake not researching since Shiba Inus could be challenging to train and take care of. Continue reading to know if Shiba Inus are excellent pets for you.

Shiba Inus as Pets

Since Shiba Inus are bold and high-spirited big dogs trapped in small bodies, they have to be leashed. This is because they have agile reflexes and a high drive for hunting prey. My Shiba Inus tends to chase anything that moves. They can dodge and outrun me most of the time. I could say that they are fast runners that have independent spirits.

For owners, they need to build fences for their Shiba Inus. When Shiba Inus are left outdoors, they need to have a chain link. There was a time I left one of my Shiba Inus outside for a few minutes, and I could not find him where I left him. Their agility to dig, jump or climb could make them go over or under ordinary fences. I was lucky to see him, but once they are gone, there is a high chance that they can be gone.

Among different dog breeds, aggression is a common trait. Cats are unsettled with many Shina Inus. These dogs also feel curious about small caged animals. They are also intelligent and dominant. They could be manipulative by showing intimidation.

There was also a time when my Shiba Inu and I were on the vet. Someone screamed from the outside. My Shiba Inu was very displeased that my vet and I were surprised by the reaction.

Owner Compatibility with Shiba Inus

Shiba Inus are good pets though they can be stubborn and mischievous. What they need are confident, consistent, and firm owners. They are also possessive when it comes to their food and toys. If my Shiba Inus could talk, I would probably hear “Mine” many times.

Shiba Inus are perfect for people who want…

  • Strong, reliable, and small dogs
  • Wolf-like dogs with a cute face, fuzzy tail, prick ears, and thick coating
  • Intelligent dogs
  • Bold, high-spirited, and energetic dogs
  • Highly agile dogs

Owners might have to think again if they do not want…

What to Expect with a Shiba Inu Pet

Even though Shiba Inus are bright, they are independent. They can be manipulative and make their owners do what they want. To put it more simply, they want to be the boss. For owners, this has to be the other way around.

Are Shiba Inus Good Pets 2

With utter consistency, I was able to resolve this behavior with my Shiba Inus. I taught them how to respect me by showing firmness. Owners should not let themselves be carried away with their Shiba Inus’ adorable faces.

How Shiba Inus Can Become Good Pets

Here are some tips on how to take care of a Shiba Inu to give you a better idea. I have 5 Shiba Inus, and these tips have been useful in taking good care of them.

  • When Adopting Adult Shiba Inus, Observe their Characters First…
    Adopting an adult Shiba Inu from a shelter or rescue group can prevent owners from dealing with unwanted characteristics. This is because owners can already see the character of the dog they are getting.
  • Choose a Reliable Breeder
    For puppies, going to a right breeder can help owners choose the right puppy. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a trustworthy and respected Shiba Inu breeder.
  • Keep your Shiba Inus Busy
    Since Shiba Inus are active, they need to have time to release their energy and do things to keep them busy. When they become bored, they tend to be destructive. When I had a Shiba Inu the first time, it chewed out the sofa. I knew that it was not a good idea to leave it for a long time. However, I did not realize our Shiba Inu would make us aware of that fact in that way.

Final Verdict

Finally, Shiba Inus, like any other dog, is great to have pets. They are a unique and fantastic breed. I can say that they bring a lot of love, liveliness, and fun in our lives. Nevertheless, taking care of them can be challenging. With the tips I mentioned above, this will not be a problem for a long time.

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While taking Shiba Inus on a walk, you will turn many heads and get many compliments.